Re-order on happy birthday cards!

Looks like im getting in demand (well starting to anyways!) !!! have had another request for some more happy birthday cards!!!


the 'male' ones


And the 'female' ones! sorry about blurry piccies - i was holding the camera out stretched so not to get any shadows from my arms - still havent figured out how to take good photos yet!!

Am off in a minute to take them round! hope they like them!

New dies for my cuttlebug!!!

Eeeekk!!! the new dies i ordered off ebay arrived this morning....


If you buy dies I would really recommend going on the internet to buy them instead of in the shops - though it is worth shopping about for them - sometimes ebay is not the cheapest! I bought these from an american shop and even with postage it was still cheaper than buying them in a store.......cant wait to try them out!!!

Love love

(from the movie the heartbreak kid????? - fab movie)

After having fun with my cuttlebug die of hearts, i decided to make some love cards - havent decided on what to write on them yet but may just go for something simple like 'i love you' or something - that way they are more generic for lots of occassions.....

here they are....


Decided to do the two colour ways so that one is more feminine and one more masculine (yes it is not exactly blokey but more so than pink!) for the receivers different tastes....



I must apologise for the lighting on all these recent card photos - im still yet to figure out how best to light them when taking a photo - if you know of any clever tips, please let me know....thankyou

Some more spring cards...

Hello again - ive been having greay fun yesterday making up loads of new cards.  I was really taken by the design of the previous card i popped on here, so decided to do the same thing but in different colours (thanks to all the card stock ive bought recently!!) Here are some piccies of what i made......


This shows the card i made previously and 2 more i made within this colour spectrum. 


here they are individually....


I then decided to try them out in a cool colour range - for people who arent so keen on bright colours.


Maybe these could be used for guys aswell - though are still rather feminine in design (i think its the flowers!!)




This next one is a one off as i dont have any other card in these colours - but it still works - i mean, you wold only see one at a time anyway so the receiver wouldnt know that there are other colour ways....


Someone kindly pointed out to me that mothers day here in sweden is actually the 25th of this month, so i have some more time to come up with another design to get out there in time.  Only problem is that they also informed me that they dont really celebrate it here - i will just have to change that!!!!


Other news - am awaitng the arrival of the embossing powder today from england for the wedding invitations im making.  Bought a heat gun yesterday and cant wait to get started.  The colours that they finally decided upon are dark red, silver, and champagne cream - fingers crossed i can just to the writing tidy enough!!!!!! oh and waiting for the shop i bought the stamps off to get back in touch - they sent me the wrong hearts and so are having to order them again!!! argh!!!!! i wanted to get done by the end of this week!!!!!

Also we have go ahead on the curtains - so am off to buy the material for that today!! by the looks of things they should be really cool and look fab! will post piccies soon!

Have also got another guy lined up for a suit - eeek!!!! i find them the hardest!

Bye for now!!!!

new cards for spring events

Sorry i havent been active in a while - rather crazy times happening at the moment.

Have next to finished the ladies denim jacket (the one i kept getting pointy boobs on!)

Am now doing some wedding invitations and starting a curtain project.

In the mean time I am making some cards for mothers day (here in sweden this sunday) and fathers day (uk about 15th june time)

Here is a quick piccie of the one ive just done for mothers day.  I havent written the text in yet.


If you have any ideas of what items would look nice on a mothers day (or fathers day) card please let me know!

OOOOoooooooo....its soo pretty!

The new cuttlebug has arrived!!!!!! i can tell now that this is going to be ALOT of fun to use!

Now all i need is to buy the die cut things to use with it! hmmmm i knew there was a con in there somewhere!! he he, no just joking, in the long run if the card thing takes off then it will prove to be very valuable to be able to make the cards quicker......

heres to the cards having to take off now!!!

(will pop piccies on soon...)


im abit excited incase you were wondering what that was all about......... ive just gone and ordered a cuttlebug - no im not getting that lonely here in sweden that ive ordered a bit insect, a cuttlebug is a machine that aids you in cutting out things for cards and scrapbooking etc. I have been having a look round for about a week now trying to find out which one would be best, and i believe (fingers crossed) that this one is the best for what I want it to do. I dont want it to cut out all shapes for me, and im not fussed out cutting out loads at a time, it is just for when I need shapes that would take along time to cut by hand.

Here is a piccie....


oooo and a very cheesy american video about it!!!

eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lord im sad!) i love it!!!!

New card designs.....

Here are some images of the newly designed cards I have been making this weekend....please let me know what you think....


So these are some new variations on the cupcake theme that I showed on here earlier - they are in plastic coverings to help keep them clean..


two 'male' versions


I wanted to make some 'birthday' themed cards, and after using the larger square on the 85th card, i thought id try this out again......and i like the effect!  The first 2 are 'female' and the last 2 'male'....





Have been trying to come up with a female version of the 'happy retirement' card, but cant think of anything that the woman might do when she has retired - so i decided in the mean time to do a 'female' cutting tie card.....not too sure about this one....


So far the baby cards I have made have been for a new baby girl - this weekend I made the boy versions...


the blue baby bottle...


The blue baby carriage - i changed the pink one aswell so that the backing card is pink and not silver like before - i think it works better....

So yeah, these are the new cards! Am starting today on the wedding card designs and shall keep you posted on how these are turning out...... plus am going to start back on the jacket and curtains (have been naughty and not touched them the last week for working on the dress took up soo much of my time....)

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on the designs and if you have any ideas (especially for the female retirement!) for some new ones....

Take care

The card making process

I have been making quite a few cards this weekend due to a big order, so i thought it would be quite good to show the process and to see how you can really achieve everything yourself.......


So it all starts off choosing the theme of the card and what colour scheme you want it to have.  All my cards have a kind of set layout at the moment and so this is the usual starting block for me.  Make sure you are using a really good strong glue - if you are giving these cards to other people you dont want them falling apart on them!


Although there are some really lovely papers out there and ready made  items to attach, I like to make my own from scratch : no chance then of them ending up looking like somebody elses! Plus i think it adds a special something extra as as they say with cooking - make something with love and it is simply better......... or something like that!  So here are the magical scissors that i have got - they cut the edges of the paper to the shape you can see on the side of the blade - you can buy many different pattern cutting pairs, but I find that personally these ones have done me fine......though never say never!!!


So for this card I want it to be quite soft and sensitive.  Think about the shapes you are using and the desired effect you want, and make sure the 2 match....for example,if you look at my other cards, when i make cards designed for men, I usually keep to straight lines at the edges of the paper, and no the frilly looking patterns like here....

One thing I also like to do with my cards is attach some corugated card in the middle to act as i kind of plinth to raise the detail in the middle.  I feel it helps centralise the viewers focus - plus it is good to have almost a trade mark look so if your cards or whatever start getting popular, then people can spot them from the rest.


Here is a good example of how you can achieve these items yourself and do not need to buy them....I have made this cross quite simply out of cutting the card with the pattern edging scissors - it gives a lovely effect and saved me about 20:- (about £1.20 say)....

I also use sticky pads to raise my central features even further, thus creating a lovely 3d effect.


Add a finishing touch of a rose (ok so i bought this! ;-) ) And think of a nice simple statement to write on the front.  Now you can see why I chose these certain colours and effects.  Another neat trick is not to use black ink all the time.  It is very stark against the white back ground - so by using another colour you get a more asthetic appeal.  But dont go too soft in colour or too light, you do need to be able to read the saying!

So this is how I make up my cards...The  majority of the time spent is coming up with a nice composition.  Dont stick things down straight away - move things about, try out different colours, paper types, etc - and try to get somebody elses opinion (my poor boyf  is constantly getting badgered by me for his thoughts!) - remember, it isnt yourself who is necessarily going to be using the card! you have to be able to make them appeal to different tastes......

Any other questions or thoughts please do leave me a comment (in the kommentarer bit for the non swedish speaking of you reading this)...

Take care and happy crafting!

Another card.....

The same lady for the dress wanted a card for her mothers 85th birthday (the dress is for the party) and this is the one i have made......


the lighting in this flat is awful!! this is it by flash, and now day light (aka windowsill!)


she wanted something along the lines of the other ones i have made - but nothing with any alcohol related items on it as the mother doesnt drink.....

I decided to go for something semi formal/traditional, but still with my style of work..... what do you think?

possible new card project...

a member of the family is going to be getting married in the summer and she is thinking about getting me to make all the invitations, place settings, service cards, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY excited about this if this is the case!

will keep you posted......

Yummy new material...

Found some scrumptious new material yesterday in the bargain bin at the local fabric store, and thought it would look lovely cut up on some cards


Am thinking about attaching them like the other circle cards i did with the sewing machine....


Plus am going to buy some brightly coloured threads to sew with to really set them off/out.  Plus again, going to have a mess about with different edging effects, see what works best....

Will keep you posted on how they come out...

Some more card designs!

after the good news of maybe getting some card orders on wednesday, ive been a busy bee getting some new designs under way.....have a peek!







thought id try some more tongue-in-cheek designs!.....nothing too racey, but something not so sweet!


and so much for all the tidying up i did yesterday!!!


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oh yeah, the card to go with it...

here is a piccie of the business card i made for the handmade cards business - i made a different one for the tailoring......

ive done it so it comes in different colours...


thought id go for something fun and 'arty' looking, so to speak....


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eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! day of the interview!

so im off to the interview today to hopefully sell my cards in a shop!! just been printing out some paper work for it and tidying up the samples i have to show her..... im worried that i dont have enough, but i will tell her that i am just starting out at this and will develop new ones everyday....then when i go and take in my order, i can show her the new ones ive come up with....

hopefully too by putting my email on the back of the cards, people will be wanting to order directly from me...!!! fingers crossed!

thinking about putting this address on there aswell, then people can come on and view the images and cards that i am developing straight away....hmmm......

im going to try and link up the new order form i made to show what it looks like, not done this before so not sure if it will work......

here goes....


ok so didnt work how i planned, i was trying to link it up via a html thingy, but here it is as a piccie......

right am off now to go and get ready some more......oooo im all tingly with nerves and excitment!

wish me luck!!!!!

more pressies and cards...!!!

we do love our card giving in the uk!!!

it is my grandads bday tomorrow so i made and sent him a card....rather hard as what do you put on a card for a grandad!

here is what i did....



Turned out to be one of my most favourite ones to date i think!!!

........It was also mothers day not long ago in the uk , and having sent my mum a card, i now need to give her a pressie.....Her and my dad are coming over to visit me and nik this weekend!! eeeekkkk!!! i cant wait!

i decided to go along with what i made nik for our anniversary, but this time id do it in the colours of my mums bedroom, and try and style it for her - feminine but not overly...

the results



the lighting is pretty crap on these as its getting dark now and the flash just kept reflecting on the can get the jist of it though.....

So ive been rather busy today then....going to have a break now and go for a run, then try again some more later...i want to get some lovely designs ready for my interview next week...

Bye for now..

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some more experiments.......

have been playing about again. This time thinking about maybe adding images and text - decided to put them on tracing paper as this added a softer effect.


this is for a friend who is going to have a baby boy any day now. Am liking the idea but im not too sure about it for some reason. Cant quite put my finger on it. Maybe it is because i am so used to making quite simple cards - i think this is the first one that ive made where nearly the entire card front is covered....hmm...

been developing the simple sewing cards aswell.....


as it became accurrent, sewing such small circles was rather tricky..... plus i think i need to plan out the order in which i sew thing abit better so that i dont have to make swerves like you can see with the blue thread....

Here are some other images of the cards i normally do....




This last one doesnt photograph very well and looks rather random, but in real life it really works together.

....SO im going to go and have a play around again now...Am hopefully finishing the suit today as i managed to pin the shoulders on in the correct positions.....eek! i cant believe im going to have a suit finished! all i need now is some other people to order them!.....fingers crossed!!! or should i say, hold your thumbs!

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The cards

Coming from england, giving cards is a very day to day affair - like nearly every day! we give cards over there for next to everything - mothers day, anniversary, good luck, grandfathers day, happy birthday for your cat, the works!!! (ok im not too sure about the last one but im sure someones done it!) so with my crafty brain always going 110mph, me making cards is nothing new, except that is, until i moved here to sweden!

Here are some piccies of the ones ive done so far



these 2 are along the lines of the ones ive always done - some kind of cut out imagery in the middle of layered boxes. Now these are some new ones that ive come up with today...





quite simple, but i think rather effective....????hmmm.......

Going to try selling them again, though trying to find places here in stockholm is going to be abit hard i think...any suggestions are most welcome!!!

Im thinking about developin this idea further and bringing in the wire work that i do, along with some beads etc...brains ticking away again! hop to it...

bye for now

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