more pressies and cards...!!!

we do love our card giving in the uk!!!

it is my grandads bday tomorrow so i made and sent him a card....rather hard as what do you put on a card for a grandad!

here is what i did....



Turned out to be one of my most favourite ones to date i think!!!

........It was also mothers day not long ago in the uk , and having sent my mum a card, i now need to give her a pressie.....Her and my dad are coming over to visit me and nik this weekend!! eeeekkkk!!! i cant wait!

i decided to go along with what i made nik for our anniversary, but this time id do it in the colours of my mums bedroom, and try and style it for her - feminine but not overly...

the results



the lighting is pretty crap on these as its getting dark now and the flash just kept reflecting on the can get the jist of it though.....

So ive been rather busy today then....going to have a break now and go for a run, then try again some more later...i want to get some lovely designs ready for my interview next week...

Bye for now..

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