Re-order on happy birthday cards!

Looks like im getting in demand (well starting to anyways!) !!! have had another request for some more happy birthday cards!!!


the 'male' ones


And the 'female' ones! sorry about blurry piccies - i was holding the camera out stretched so not to get any shadows from my arms - still havent figured out how to take good photos yet!!

Am off in a minute to take them round! hope they like them!

New dies for my cuttlebug!!!

Eeeekk!!! the new dies i ordered off ebay arrived this morning....


If you buy dies I would really recommend going on the internet to buy them instead of in the shops - though it is worth shopping about for them - sometimes ebay is not the cheapest! I bought these from an american shop and even with postage it was still cheaper than buying them in a store.......cant wait to try them out!!!

Material for the curtains

I went and bought the material yesterday for the curtains i am making for someone....


i love it!! its quite sheer aswell so that when the light will shine through it it shall look really rather cool!

Also i managed to find some really good quality blackout material for the set of curtains that shall hand behind these ones - giving them different options on how much light to let through etc.  Most the of the blackout material is really stiff and horrible feeling - but this one i found is like normal material and feels like it will be nice to sew with (fingers crossed that is!!) Cant remember if i put the plans/designs on here for how these will look so here is it again just in case....


We've changed the red back material to black though, and the curtains are going to be attached to the pole via circle holes...kind of like these ones..

          image120 (not my piccie - from )

Just waiting to hear if they want the circles to be black, white, ore silver!!!! am really looking forward to making these and seeing how they shall finish up!!

Love love

(from the movie the heartbreak kid????? - fab movie)

After having fun with my cuttlebug die of hearts, i decided to make some love cards - havent decided on what to write on them yet but may just go for something simple like 'i love you' or something - that way they are more generic for lots of occassions.....

here they are....


Decided to do the two colour ways so that one is more feminine and one more masculine (yes it is not exactly blokey but more so than pink!) for the receivers different tastes....



I must apologise for the lighting on all these recent card photos - im still yet to figure out how best to light them when taking a photo - if you know of any clever tips, please let me know....thankyou

Some more spring cards...

Hello again - ive been having greay fun yesterday making up loads of new cards.  I was really taken by the design of the previous card i popped on here, so decided to do the same thing but in different colours (thanks to all the card stock ive bought recently!!) Here are some piccies of what i made......


This shows the card i made previously and 2 more i made within this colour spectrum. 


here they are individually....


I then decided to try them out in a cool colour range - for people who arent so keen on bright colours.


Maybe these could be used for guys aswell - though are still rather feminine in design (i think its the flowers!!)




This next one is a one off as i dont have any other card in these colours - but it still works - i mean, you wold only see one at a time anyway so the receiver wouldnt know that there are other colour ways....


Someone kindly pointed out to me that mothers day here in sweden is actually the 25th of this month, so i have some more time to come up with another design to get out there in time.  Only problem is that they also informed me that they dont really celebrate it here - i will just have to change that!!!!


Other news - am awaitng the arrival of the embossing powder today from england for the wedding invitations im making.  Bought a heat gun yesterday and cant wait to get started.  The colours that they finally decided upon are dark red, silver, and champagne cream - fingers crossed i can just to the writing tidy enough!!!!!! oh and waiting for the shop i bought the stamps off to get back in touch - they sent me the wrong hearts and so are having to order them again!!! argh!!!!! i wanted to get done by the end of this week!!!!!

Also we have go ahead on the curtains - so am off to buy the material for that today!! by the looks of things they should be really cool and look fab! will post piccies soon!

Have also got another guy lined up for a suit - eeek!!!! i find them the hardest!

Bye for now!!!!

new cards for spring events

Sorry i havent been active in a while - rather crazy times happening at the moment.

Have next to finished the ladies denim jacket (the one i kept getting pointy boobs on!)

Am now doing some wedding invitations and starting a curtain project.

In the mean time I am making some cards for mothers day (here in sweden this sunday) and fathers day (uk about 15th june time)

Here is a quick piccie of the one ive just done for mothers day.  I havent written the text in yet.


If you have any ideas of what items would look nice on a mothers day (or fathers day) card please let me know!

im back!!

sorry ive been gone so long - not been too well (as previously said) and then have been busy getting ready for my masters interview.....but im back now and shall be posting again asap!!!

be in touch!

Im not going to be too active at the mo!

I am FULL of cold at the mo and so im not going to be typing much - plus im not going to have too much to type about! Am staying inbed, drinking lemsip, and trying to forget about the dripping tap that my nose has turned into, and the little hamster that has gotten stuck in my throat and keeps scratching away and tickling/inflaming it!!!

Will be back soon though.....and probably be able to write  wonderful reviews on all the movies im watching in the mean time!!

OOOOoooooooo....its soo pretty!

The new cuttlebug has arrived!!!!!! i can tell now that this is going to be ALOT of fun to use!

Now all i need is to buy the die cut things to use with it! hmmmm i knew there was a con in there somewhere!! he he, no just joking, in the long run if the card thing takes off then it will prove to be very valuable to be able to make the cards quicker......

heres to the cards having to take off now!!!

(will pop piccies on soon...)


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! just had a letter through the post - have been invited for an interview for the masters course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am buzzing right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(dont say anything just incase it hears you - but i think spring is coming to sweden!)

Im a firm believe that if you say things out load, then they dont happen or they go away......weird but hey thats me.

So yesterday when I came back from giving the lady her dress before she travelled down to her mums (happy birthday by the way for today!), I walked into the court yard out back and suddenly thought - spring is coming! Now I know that flowers etc were trying to make a break for freedom back in january or something silly like that, but we've been having some pretty poo weather since then - so i really think that this could be the real thing now!

Here are some new piccies (taken on my new phone aswell - check me out!!!)



come on can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talking of the new phone - funny thought the other day - cause it is a walkman phone (and with my ipod having been stolen - cheers that to who ever did it!!! you sod!!) ive been using it whilst working out - thought: i could text or ring someone right there on the treadmill!!! or even next time im in a race, i could ring someone to tell them where i am! or video myself running along!!!! ooooo this modern technology hey!!!!!

here is the phone......not taken by itself cause that would just be silly....


(piccie from


im abit excited incase you were wondering what that was all about......... ive just gone and ordered a cuttlebug - no im not getting that lonely here in sweden that ive ordered a bit insect, a cuttlebug is a machine that aids you in cutting out things for cards and scrapbooking etc. I have been having a look round for about a week now trying to find out which one would be best, and i believe (fingers crossed) that this one is the best for what I want it to do. I dont want it to cut out all shapes for me, and im not fussed out cutting out loads at a time, it is just for when I need shapes that would take along time to cut by hand.

Here is a piccie....


oooo and a very cheesy american video about it!!!

eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lord im sad!) i love it!!!!

Cool thing to try out for all you touch typers...

Was looking at a fellow crafters blogg and they posted this wonderful little thing..

55 words

Speed test

hope that worked.....

next time i do it i'll remember to put my glasses on!!

edit - i dont know why it is coming up like that, but it still works....

notes to say and point out....

to the person who left me a message about the fabric for the dress i made  - i got this from NK at 256:- per metre.  You can also get it from the lovely fabric store on Drottningatan, but it is the same price.....


The designs that i put on here of my work for the masters application ( i think they are in the march bit)  - i designed and made the fabrics that are in the corners of these, aswell as designing the dresses....... just to let you know

Looky looky!!!!

have been having a look on the old t'internet and found some images of the andreas guy out of Alcazar wearing the suit I made him for when he was in Saturday Night Fever - even if i say so myself, it looks rather good!!!




*blush* i am proud!

edit: these arent my photos - i got them off - thought i best say this incase i get in trouble!

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