Material for the curtains

I went and bought the material yesterday for the curtains i am making for someone....


i love it!! its quite sheer aswell so that when the light will shine through it it shall look really rather cool!

Also i managed to find some really good quality blackout material for the set of curtains that shall hand behind these ones - giving them different options on how much light to let through etc.  Most the of the blackout material is really stiff and horrible feeling - but this one i found is like normal material and feels like it will be nice to sew with (fingers crossed that is!!) Cant remember if i put the plans/designs on here for how these will look so here is it again just in case....


We've changed the red back material to black though, and the curtains are going to be attached to the pole via circle holes...kind of like these ones..

          image120 (not my piccie - from )

Just waiting to hear if they want the circles to be black, white, ore silver!!!! am really looking forward to making these and seeing how they shall finish up!!

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You can do this himself? Great!

2011-12-02 @ 20:54:40

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