im back!!

sorry ive been gone so long - not been too well (as previously said) and then have been busy getting ready for my masters interview.....but im back now and shall be posting again asap!!!

be in touch!

Im not going to be too active at the mo!

I am FULL of cold at the mo and so im not going to be typing much - plus im not going to have too much to type about! Am staying inbed, drinking lemsip, and trying to forget about the dripping tap that my nose has turned into, and the little hamster that has gotten stuck in my throat and keeps scratching away and tickling/inflaming it!!!

Will be back soon though.....and probably be able to write  wonderful reviews on all the movies im watching in the mean time!!


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! just had a letter through the post - have been invited for an interview for the masters course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am buzzing right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(dont say anything just incase it hears you - but i think spring is coming to sweden!)

Im a firm believe that if you say things out load, then they dont happen or they go away......weird but hey thats me.

So yesterday when I came back from giving the lady her dress before she travelled down to her mums (happy birthday by the way for today!), I walked into the court yard out back and suddenly thought - spring is coming! Now I know that flowers etc were trying to make a break for freedom back in january or something silly like that, but we've been having some pretty poo weather since then - so i really think that this could be the real thing now!

Here are some new piccies (taken on my new phone aswell - check me out!!!)



come on can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talking of the new phone - funny thought the other day - cause it is a walkman phone (and with my ipod having been stolen - cheers that to who ever did it!!! you sod!!) ive been using it whilst working out - thought: i could text or ring someone right there on the treadmill!!! or even next time im in a race, i could ring someone to tell them where i am! or video myself running along!!!! ooooo this modern technology hey!!!!!

here is the phone......not taken by itself cause that would just be silly....


(piccie from

Cool thing to try out for all you touch typers...

Was looking at a fellow crafters blogg and they posted this wonderful little thing..

55 words

Speed test

hope that worked.....

next time i do it i'll remember to put my glasses on!!

edit - i dont know why it is coming up like that, but it still works....

notes to say and point out....

to the person who left me a message about the fabric for the dress i made  - i got this from NK at 256:- per metre.  You can also get it from the lovely fabric store on Drottningatan, but it is the same price.....


The designs that i put on here of my work for the masters application ( i think they are in the march bit)  - i designed and made the fabrics that are in the corners of these, aswell as designing the dresses....... just to let you know


erm, what happened to the sunshine?????? it was here last week and i was soo happy that the swedish winter was FINALLY coming to an end...but no, no such luck!!!!!



A done up work area!!!

So the boyf had enough of me making a mess of the bedroom (in a 2 room apartment, he has the lounge as his office, so i had to take over the bedroom) and decided to go to ikea to buy some bits to make it (hopefully!) abit tidier.....

After a hunt around, I couldn't find exactly what i wanted so i decided to make it myself!

Here are some piccies.....


So this is the before....

image61 was even starting to move around the rest of the room.......

......and yes that is a shoe on the picture shelf - its my kind of art!!!!!


So after finding no cabinet that was nice enough or would fit, i decided to buy some planks, cut them up and put the up as shelves...this worked out even better as the boyfs dad said he had some spare planks in his storage!!! bonza!!


As the planks were a kind of pine colour, i decided to stain them so they looked like oak to go with the rest of the furniture in the room...

Then last night, put the boyf and father to work and up went the shelves!!..


and then it was all done!!!! how much better does it now look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like i have a real little workshop area...just need something to store the large rolls of paper now (can still be seen under the table) but im going to wait on that to see if the business takes off or not first......


so in total this cost:

15:- per bracket (about £1.10) X 8 = 120 (about £8.80)

20:- for the stain (about £1.45)

planks - free

workers - free (though am going to cook them dinner later this week)

so this wonderful and EVER so much needed and loved new work area = 140 :- !!!!!!! (about £10!)

perfick as pa larkin would say (darling buds of may incase you dont know)


Oh and dont think that i was being all female and leaving it to the boys, whilst they were doing that, i made and put this up.....


who needs men hey!!!!!! ;-)

New projects

So am starting 2 new projects today - a dress for one client, and curtains for another!!!!  This is so much more fun than just working in a shop! it sucks abit not being able to walk around alot, and not to get out the flat so much! but atleast i am doing stuff i enjoy an getting paid for it!!!! yeahy!

Ive also gone through my old posts and decided that the photos of the cards look crap! and so im going to try and find a way of photographing them better.........maybe scanning would be better?.......hmm... if you know of any way please say so....

so i best be off and get my stuff together to go and do some fabric hunting......

have a good day people! and be happy - the sun is starting to come back to us!

The boyfriends birthday...

29!!! eek! last year of a twenty-something!

we went out to dinner with his folks to the local fondue resturant - very retro! and very yummy!!!


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snow and its nearly april!!!

so my mum and dad came to visit last weekend...last came they came over was november, they were going to come in january, but dad decided to book in march instead as it in theory would be warmer - but march came and this is what they were welcomed with!!! never mind!!!


out in the country...


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Arty bits

here are some images of the art i put up in the flat today.....


This is a pressie that my boyfriend brought me when he was in reads:


Louise and Niklas true love forever

.............or something like that...!!!

I wanted to show it off to its best so i brought this frame and painted it a matte black, then cut out the card around it and hung it in our hallway shining a spotlight on it....i love it!!

This is a small pressie i made my boyfriend for our anniversay



It has some of our inside jokes running around it........ It looks lovely hanging on the wall, and is opposite the chinese piece....

Now to decorate the rest of the flat!!!!!!

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have been having a look around the internet for some inspiration for my cards and what a lot of lovely websites there are!

i am so so amazed by just how lovely the things are that people create.....i hope that one day i can be as creative.

I will post some addresses at another date....

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OOoooooooooo my first blogg!!!

Wowsers, starting up my own blogg! never thought id do this! but i want to try and get myself and my work out there, so thought id do it through this! Plus it gives me an outlet to vent to!

So here it is! first one!....

Not going to write anything else.....

Thats it....



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Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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