(dont say anything just incase it hears you - but i think spring is coming to sweden!)

Im a firm believe that if you say things out load, then they dont happen or they go away......weird but hey thats me.

So yesterday when I came back from giving the lady her dress before she travelled down to her mums (happy birthday by the way for today!), I walked into the court yard out back and suddenly thought - spring is coming! Now I know that flowers etc were trying to make a break for freedom back in january or something silly like that, but we've been having some pretty poo weather since then - so i really think that this could be the real thing now!

Here are some new piccies (taken on my new phone aswell - check me out!!!)



come on guys...you can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talking of the new phone - funny thought the other day - cause it is a walkman phone (and with my ipod having been stolen - cheers that to who ever did it!!! you sod!!) ive been using it whilst working out - thought: i could text or ring someone right there on the treadmill!!! or even next time im in a race, i could ring someone to tell them where i am! or video myself running along!!!! ooooo this modern technology hey!!!!!

here is the phone......not taken by itself cause that would just be silly....


(piccie from www.phonereview.com)


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