A done up work area!!!

So the boyf had enough of me making a mess of the bedroom (in a 2 room apartment, he has the lounge as his office, so i had to take over the bedroom) and decided to go to ikea to buy some bits to make it (hopefully!) abit tidier.....

After a hunt around, I couldn't find exactly what i wanted so i decided to make it myself!

Here are some piccies.....


So this is the before....


......it was even starting to move around the rest of the room.......

......and yes that is a shoe on the picture shelf - its my kind of art!!!!!


So after finding no cabinet that was nice enough or would fit, i decided to buy some planks, cut them up and put the up as shelves...this worked out even better as the boyfs dad said he had some spare planks in his storage!!! bonza!!


As the planks were a kind of pine colour, i decided to stain them so they looked like oak to go with the rest of the furniture in the room...

Then last night, put the boyf and father to work and up went the shelves!!..


and then it was all done!!!! how much better does it now look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like i have a real little workshop area...just need something to store the large rolls of paper now (can still be seen under the table) but im going to wait on that to see if the business takes off or not first......


so in total this cost:

15:- per bracket (about £1.10) X 8 = 120 (about £8.80)

20:- for the stain (about £1.45)

planks - free

workers - free (though am going to cook them dinner later this week)

so this wonderful and EVER so much needed and loved new work area = 140 :- !!!!!!! (about £10!)

perfick as pa larkin would say (darling buds of may incase you dont know)


Oh and dont think that i was being all female and leaving it to the boys, whilst they were doing that, i made and put this up.....


who needs men hey!!!!!! ;-)


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