im abit excited incase you were wondering what that was all about......... ive just gone and ordered a cuttlebug - no im not getting that lonely here in sweden that ive ordered a bit insect, a cuttlebug is a machine that aids you in cutting out things for cards and scrapbooking etc. I have been having a look round for about a week now trying to find out which one would be best, and i believe (fingers crossed) that this one is the best for what I want it to do. I dont want it to cut out all shapes for me, and im not fussed out cutting out loads at a time, it is just for when I need shapes that would take along time to cut by hand.

Here is a piccie....


oooo and a very cheesy american video about it!!!

eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lord im sad!) i love it!!!!


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