Some more spring cards...

Hello again - ive been having greay fun yesterday making up loads of new cards.  I was really taken by the design of the previous card i popped on here, so decided to do the same thing but in different colours (thanks to all the card stock ive bought recently!!) Here are some piccies of what i made......


This shows the card i made previously and 2 more i made within this colour spectrum. 


here they are individually....


I then decided to try them out in a cool colour range - for people who arent so keen on bright colours.


Maybe these could be used for guys aswell - though are still rather feminine in design (i think its the flowers!!)




This next one is a one off as i dont have any other card in these colours - but it still works - i mean, you wold only see one at a time anyway so the receiver wouldnt know that there are other colour ways....


Someone kindly pointed out to me that mothers day here in sweden is actually the 25th of this month, so i have some more time to come up with another design to get out there in time.  Only problem is that they also informed me that they dont really celebrate it here - i will just have to change that!!!!


Other news - am awaitng the arrival of the embossing powder today from england for the wedding invitations im making.  Bought a heat gun yesterday and cant wait to get started.  The colours that they finally decided upon are dark red, silver, and champagne cream - fingers crossed i can just to the writing tidy enough!!!!!! oh and waiting for the shop i bought the stamps off to get back in touch - they sent me the wrong hearts and so are having to order them again!!! argh!!!!! i wanted to get done by the end of this week!!!!!

Also we have go ahead on the curtains - so am off to buy the material for that today!! by the looks of things they should be really cool and look fab! will post piccies soon!

Have also got another guy lined up for a suit - eeek!!!! i find them the hardest!

Bye for now!!!!

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Orange is cool colou! The most of possitive

2011-12-02 @ 20:56:56

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