some more experiments.......

have been playing about again. This time thinking about maybe adding images and text - decided to put them on tracing paper as this added a softer effect.


this is for a friend who is going to have a baby boy any day now. Am liking the idea but im not too sure about it for some reason. Cant quite put my finger on it. Maybe it is because i am so used to making quite simple cards - i think this is the first one that ive made where nearly the entire card front is covered....hmm...

been developing the simple sewing cards aswell.....


as it became accurrent, sewing such small circles was rather tricky..... plus i think i need to plan out the order in which i sew thing abit better so that i dont have to make swerves like you can see with the blue thread....

Here are some other images of the cards i normally do....




This last one doesnt photograph very well and looks rather random, but in real life it really works together.

....SO im going to go and have a play around again now...Am hopefully finishing the suit today as i managed to pin the shoulders on in the correct positions.....eek! i cant believe im going to have a suit finished! all i need now is some other people to order them!.....fingers crossed!!! or should i say, hold your thumbs!

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