eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! day of the interview!

so im off to the interview today to hopefully sell my cards in a shop!! just been printing out some paper work for it and tidying up the samples i have to show her..... im worried that i dont have enough, but i will tell her that i am just starting out at this and will develop new ones everyday....then when i go and take in my order, i can show her the new ones ive come up with....

hopefully too by putting my email on the back of the cards, people will be wanting to order directly from me...!!! fingers crossed!

thinking about putting this address on there aswell, then people can come on and view the images and cards that i am developing straight away....hmmm......

im going to try and link up the new order form i made to show what it looks like, not done this before so not sure if it will work......

here goes....


ok so didnt work how i planned, i was trying to link it up via a html thingy, but here it is as a piccie......

right am off now to go and get ready some more......oooo im all tingly with nerves and excitment!

wish me luck!!!!!


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