The boyfriends birthday...

29!!! eek! last year of a twenty-something!

we went out to dinner with his folks to the local fondue resturant - very retro! and very yummy!!!


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snow and its nearly april!!!

so my mum and dad came to visit last weekend...last came they came over was november, they were going to come in january, but dad decided to book in march instead as it in theory would be warmer - but march came and this is what they were welcomed with!!! never mind!!!


out in the country...


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Another tailoring project

So im starting off a new tailoring project now - this time its just a jacket but abit different as its going to be a traditional suit jacket style, but in denim!

The wearer has a rather full bust, so the jacket looks like it is rippling in the front, but it will sit smoothly.....will keep you up to date!


The pattern drafting was a nightmare! trying to move the darts around so that it sits without too many seams and darts...this is what i came up with - we shall see tomorrow if it fits ok or not???!!!! eek!


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Some more card designs!

after the good news of maybe getting some card orders on wednesday, ive been a busy bee getting some new designs under way.....have a peek!







thought id try some more tongue-in-cheek designs!.....nothing too racey, but something not so sweet!


and so much for all the tidying up i did yesterday!!!


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some more designs...


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oh yeah, the card to go with it...

here is a piccie of the business card i made for the handmade cards business - i made a different one for the tailoring......

ive done it so it comes in different colours...


thought id go for something fun and 'arty' looking, so to speak....


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eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! day of the interview!

so im off to the interview today to hopefully sell my cards in a shop!! just been printing out some paper work for it and tidying up the samples i have to show her..... im worried that i dont have enough, but i will tell her that i am just starting out at this and will develop new ones everyday....then when i go and take in my order, i can show her the new ones ive come up with....

hopefully too by putting my email on the back of the cards, people will be wanting to order directly from me...!!! fingers crossed!

thinking about putting this address on there aswell, then people can come on and view the images and cards that i am developing straight away....hmmm......

im going to try and link up the new order form i made to show what it looks like, not done this before so not sure if it will work......

here goes....


ok so didnt work how i planned, i was trying to link it up via a html thingy, but here it is as a piccie......

right am off now to go and get ready some more......oooo im all tingly with nerves and excitment!

wish me luck!!!!!

more pressies and cards...!!!

we do love our card giving in the uk!!!

it is my grandads bday tomorrow so i made and sent him a card....rather hard as what do you put on a card for a grandad!

here is what i did....



Turned out to be one of my most favourite ones to date i think!!!

........It was also mothers day not long ago in the uk , and having sent my mum a card, i now need to give her a pressie.....Her and my dad are coming over to visit me and nik this weekend!! eeeekkkk!!! i cant wait!

i decided to go along with what i made nik for our anniversary, but this time id do it in the colours of my mums bedroom, and try and style it for her - feminine but not overly...

the results



the lighting is pretty crap on these as its getting dark now and the flash just kept reflecting on the can get the jist of it though.....

So ive been rather busy today then....going to have a break now and go for a run, then try again some more later...i want to get some lovely designs ready for my interview next week...

Bye for now..

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Arty bits

here are some images of the art i put up in the flat today.....


This is a pressie that my boyfriend brought me when he was in reads:


Louise and Niklas true love forever

.............or something like that...!!!

I wanted to show it off to its best so i brought this frame and painted it a matte black, then cut out the card around it and hung it in our hallway shining a spotlight on it....i love it!!

This is a small pressie i made my boyfriend for our anniversay



It has some of our inside jokes running around it........ It looks lovely hanging on the wall, and is opposite the chinese piece....

Now to decorate the rest of the flat!!!!!!

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have been having a look around the internet for some inspiration for my cards and what a lot of lovely websites there are!

i am so so amazed by just how lovely the things are that people create.....i hope that one day i can be as creative.

I will post some addresses at another date....

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Back again!

been busy for a while, but am back to say boo and show what ive been up to..

SO, been busy applying for a masters course...also finished the suit and have now got 3 more orders! eek! so fingers crossed on them..and have an interview with a shop to sell come of my cards over here in sweden! all fingers crossed i think!

so here are some piccies of the work ive been doing for my portfolio....

they are piccies of the work for my bachelors degree jumbled together so i dont have to cart all of them around, and because i think they look better together!!! frankly!

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