some more experiments.......

have been playing about again. This time thinking about maybe adding images and text - decided to put them on tracing paper as this added a softer effect.


this is for a friend who is going to have a baby boy any day now. Am liking the idea but im not too sure about it for some reason. Cant quite put my finger on it. Maybe it is because i am so used to making quite simple cards - i think this is the first one that ive made where nearly the entire card front is covered....hmm...

been developing the simple sewing cards aswell.....


as it became accurrent, sewing such small circles was rather tricky..... plus i think i need to plan out the order in which i sew thing abit better so that i dont have to make swerves like you can see with the blue thread....

Here are some other images of the cards i normally do....




This last one doesnt photograph very well and looks rather random, but in real life it really works together.

....SO im going to go and have a play around again now...Am hopefully finishing the suit today as i managed to pin the shoulders on in the correct positions.....eek! i cant believe im going to have a suit finished! all i need now is some other people to order them!.....fingers crossed!!! or should i say, hold your thumbs!

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The cards

Coming from england, giving cards is a very day to day affair - like nearly every day! we give cards over there for next to everything - mothers day, anniversary, good luck, grandfathers day, happy birthday for your cat, the works!!! (ok im not too sure about the last one but im sure someones done it!) so with my crafty brain always going 110mph, me making cards is nothing new, except that is, until i moved here to sweden!

Here are some piccies of the ones ive done so far



these 2 are along the lines of the ones ive always done - some kind of cut out imagery in the middle of layered boxes. Now these are some new ones that ive come up with today...





quite simple, but i think rather effective....????hmmm.......

Going to try selling them again, though trying to find places here in stockholm is going to be abit hard i think...any suggestions are most welcome!!!

Im thinking about developin this idea further and bringing in the wire work that i do, along with some beads etc...brains ticking away again! hop to it...

bye for now

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The suit....

Ok, well here are some images of one of the projects im working on at the moment....Tailor making suits/clothing

Abit of background: I studied fashion and textile design back in england and after trying to get into the industry through other companies, am now looking at starting up my own business to do it.

Here are some images of the shear amount of hand sewing that has to go inside a full tailor made suit - so if youve ever wondered what the difference is from buying a suit from 'dressman' and not!!!....



SO here it is, just the beginning of the amount of work - Hair canvas (yup made out of hair) is pad stitched by hand and 'taped' so that the jacket front will fall gracefully where you want it to. This also allows the front of the jacket to sit smoothly and not hang it silly/ill-fitting ways.

From here, the lining is attached and then the collar (more hand stitching) and then the sleeves....

Will post them later

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OOoooooooooo my first blogg!!!

Wowsers, starting up my own blogg! never thought id do this! but i want to try and get myself and my work out there, so thought id do it through this! Plus it gives me an outlet to vent to!

So here it is! first one!....

Not going to write anything else.....

Thats it....



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Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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