The suit....

Ok, well here are some images of one of the projects im working on at the moment....Tailor making suits/clothing

Abit of background: I studied fashion and textile design back in england and after trying to get into the industry through other companies, am now looking at starting up my own business to do it.

Here are some images of the shear amount of hand sewing that has to go inside a full tailor made suit - so if youve ever wondered what the difference is from buying a suit from 'dressman' and not!!!....



SO here it is, just the beginning of the amount of work - Hair canvas (yup made out of hair) is pad stitched by hand and 'taped' so that the jacket front will fall gracefully where you want it to. This also allows the front of the jacket to sit smoothly and not hang it silly/ill-fitting ways.

From here, the lining is attached and then the collar (more hand stitching) and then the sleeves....

Will post them later

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