The new dress

So one of the new projects im starting got underway yesterday - it is a dress for a lady to wear to her mothers 85th birthday.  Yesterday we went fabric hunting and eventually settled on the one in the pictures - it has a smooth shiny quality to it and is really soft to touch.  We then sat down over fika (coffee break in swedish) and had a talk about the design.  She wanted something that wasnt too much or too fancy - wasnt too low cut or too tight - sat on the knee length wise, and had a belted waist.  We did some doodling and came up with a few aspects for me to focus on.  So then last night and this morning I narrowed it down to these 8 designs which i have just sent to her to choose/evaluate......we shall see where this goes!!!!

Here are the piccies of the designs so far....


So as you can see they are all pretty similar but with the top and straps varying......

My favourite is design 1 as i think it is rather different.  I also like design 4,5, and 7 as these are again something that is abit unusual.  For the back of these im thinking of having an opening that is fastened with different coloured buttons using the colours in the fabric.  Also the belt like middle bit will have the buttons at the back, but this is my idea at the mo and need to clear it with the client.

So now im off to go and draw up her basic body block from which to make the patterns from....oh and i have the get the jacket cut out again with the alterations as that lady is coming again in 2 days......eeek! getting rather busy now!

Please leave me a comment to let me know what you guys think to the designs...... many thanks x

Postat av: Malin

I like them alot and I think that Marianne will to.
Puss o Kram!

2008-04-03 @ 21:32:19

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