Piccies of the material etc as promised...

here are some piccies of the materials and buttons i bought yesterday for the dress......


so im going to be making 2 belts for the dress, one out of the sand colour and the other out the grey, meaning she can have different looks but the same dress!!!

very happy with how close i managed to match the colours.....


so these are the buttons i managed to find yesterday whilst out shopping - ok but nothing too exciting...


these are the buttons and beads that i am thinking about using.......would i get away with it??? i dont think you can really see that much difference in them....i mean could you really tell at a quick glance that they were different???


these are the final design ideas that the lady settled on...the one in the middle is quite self explanatory, to one on the right show how we are going to have a buttoned back opening (with white loops rather than button holes) but instead of the band in that picture, we are going to have a tie round belt like in the one on the left..... I think this should look really lovely!!!  Other alterations are that she wants the back neckline rising, and the front one to come up just a tad....

SO its now on to the pattern manipulation!!!! eekk!!!! by tonight i should have all this cut out and started to sew!!!!

Deadline - 32 hours!!!!........


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