finalised dress design...

So the lady for the dress came over today and we finalised on the design and had a fitting...Went well and not too many alterations.  So the rest of the afternoon was spent running around town trying to find the fabric, and hardest of all, trying to find sodding buttons!!!!! why can you never find the buttons in a colour you need! guaranteed the next time i want buttons but in a different colour, i'll find the perfect ones for now!!!! argh! ah thinking about using beads instead..not sure if i'll be able to get away with it or not.....hmm......

So will put up some piccies tomorrow (am writing this all snuggled up in bed and im not gettting up for anyone...sorry x) to show you how it is coming along...She is coming over on wednesday for the final fitting - giving me 1 day left if there are any alterations needed....close and tight deadline this one, but it is quite simple in construction so that should be no worry....its whether or not i get the pattern right in the first place!!!!!

fingers crossed..!!!!!


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